Our mission is to make quality education more accessible.

who we are

We are a team of education experts and learning innovators with over 3 decades of outstanding outcome of transforming young learners into highly competent adults and leaders in diverse spheres of life. Our qualified and experienced instructors administer our unique curriculum to enable diverse skills competencies for all learners.
As proponents of Family Life Education, we inculcate family participation in the learning process to prevent learning deficits and reinforce desirable learner outcomes.
We are advocates for Inclusive Learning and Teaching which recognizes all students’ entitlement to a learning experience that respects diversity, enables learners’ engagement, remove barriers, and match a variety of learning needs with functional solutions.

what we do
  • Our STEAM curriculum for K-12 engages learners’ competencies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Management, enabling critical problem-solving skills for effective education.
  • Our vocational and apprenticeship courses empower learners for work force entry and preparation for advanced studies.
  • We develop young job-ready talents and professionals in in-demand skills, positioning them for international education and global work placement.
  • Our summer camps and internships enable leadership, tech, and entrepreneurial skills through exposure to real life experiences, increasing learners’ self-confidence and desire for self-discovery.
  • We promote arts and craft for junior learners to enable them make things they need with their own hands
  • We offer online and onsite learning and support for all stakeholders, assisting them with Skills Development training, Facilitation, Workplace Skills Plan, and Recruitment.
Our Vision

To transform citizens into lifetime learners with diverse skill competencies for global leadership

Our Mission

To develop and deliver a well-integrated curriculum for learners of all ages

our core values
The values that shape us
  • Passion for learning excellence
  • Commitment to human centered approach to meeting all learners’ needs
Our greatest achivement

Education for Everyone

At Elite Learning Services, we are passionate about making quality education more accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone has the capacity to maximize their lifetime potentials, and our mission is to provide optimal skills and trainings required to achieve this.